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Acer palmatum Yuki yama

"Snow on the Mountain" pink and pale green first spring to pure white and green, and speckled white leaves extremely dwarf. Very rare

Growth habit: yatsubusa

Leaf Type: palmate

Landscape ht: 3 ft. Container ht: 2 ft.

Acer shirasawanum Johin

red with green vein in spring, deep red summer, orange red fall, deeply divided leaves with nine lobe that curl under. Cold tolerant.

Growth habit: upright

Leaf Type: deeply-divided

Landscape ht: 6 ft. Container ht: 4 ft.

Acer sieboldianum Seki no kegon

Pale green spring, medium green summer, red, orange and yellow fall. Wide sweeping form. Excellent cold tolerance.

Growth habit: spreading

Leaf Type: orbicular

Landscape ht: 6 ft. Container ht: 3 ft.

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