Flowering Orange Poncirus trifoliata contorta 'Flying Dragon'

Fantastical Flying Dragon is one of the most revered and feared plants in the nursery. In the winter it lures you in by displaying it's naked, contorted structure of twisting branches and long talon-like thorns that grab you at every opportunity; seemingly even when you aren't anywhere near to it. Hense, Tricia's playful nickname for this innocent orange tree...Thorny Bastard! In the spring it flirts with your senses with a white orange blossom display of aromatic flowers perched on it's dark green stems. Then in summer it shields you from it's dragon claws with trident shaped ellipiticle dark green foliage accented with fuzzy yellow fruit. It is a wonderful, natural, easy to grow bonsai that captures your interest and holds it in it's talons like prey.

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Leaf shape:

Growth habit: small shrub

Landscape Height: 6 ft.

Container height: 3 ft.

Minimum Zone: 4

Maximum Zone: 8

Spring Color: green

Summer Color: green

Fall Color:

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