Flowering Crabapple Malus 'Royalty'

Malus 'Royalty' is a profusion of regal red velvet, fragrant blossoms that cover the intricate but strong structure of bare branches early spring. After the fanfare has subsided reddish deep green to bronze leaves appears and grows on to create the royal gown of foliage. In autumn 'Royalty' impresses her court with her stunning fruit draping through her foliage like deep purple red rich crown jewels. They grow darker into their color through the fall only to be fully revealed as her leaves are shed in the winter. Each 'Royalty' is carefully and deliberately raised to it's own unique potential and would truly become the queen of your container garden.

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Leaf shape:

Growth habit:

Landscape Height: ft.

Container height: ft.

Minimum Zone:

Maximum Zone:

Spring Color:

Summer Color:

Fall Color:

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