About Our Size Groups


Because maples vary greatly in their rate of growth as well as mature size we speak of their age as well as a size range. The dwarf maples are less than 6’ at maturity and some may never exceed 3’. These trees will always be in the smaller end of the size range. Alternately some of the trees in the Palmate group may grow 3’ the first year. These size ranges exclude the smallest and the largest trees to provide an average for the majority. We have tried to indicate the rate of growth in the descriptions as well as height at 10 years to help you know what to expect. These are averages. Our goal in production is to produce beautiful, healthy trees that are true to form with a pot full of roots.

Sizes are indicated by height x width x caliper(diameter of trunk at base)

Group Age ContainerSize
Size 1 2-3 years old 1 gallon 1’x.5’x.25” to 2’x 2’ x .35”
Size 2 3-4 years old 3 gallon 2’ x 1’x.35”to 3’x 2.5’x .5”
Size 3 4-5 years old 5 gallon 2.5’x 2’x .5” to 5’x3’ x.75”
Size 4 5-6 years old 7 gallon 3’x 2.5’x .75” to 6’x5’x 1”

Older trees are listed and priced separately to help calculate the shipping charges. Specimen trees are mature individuals listed with information specific to the tree and photographs.

maple size groups


All of the conifers we offer are either dwarf or very slow growing. Some are suggested as focal points in a small container garden and many are wonderful used as accents to the Maples. Each plant is well developed with a pot full of roots.

Group Age Pot size
Small 3-5 years 4” pot
Medium 4-6 years 1 gallon
Large 5-7 years 3 gallon
Older trees 7+ years 5 gallon+

conifer size groups

Flowering and Fruiting Trees

Group Age Pot size
Size 1 3-5 years 4” pot
Size 2 4-6 years 1 gallon
Size 3 5-7 years 3 gallon
Older trees 7+ years 5 gallon+

Flowering and Fruiting tree sizes

Companion Plants

We provide three different sizes of companion plants to compliment the container or garden in which they will be used.

Group Age Pot size
Small up to 1 year 2.5” pot
Medium 1-2 years 4” pot
Large 2-3 years 1 gallon

companion plant size groups

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