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About Our Sizes

Aesthetic Pruning of Japanese Maples

Video Tutorials

Japanese Maples for Brilliant Spring Color

Weeping and Cascading Laceleaf Maples

Rich Red Maples for Summer Color

Variegated Maples

Exceptional New Introductions and Rare Finds

Japanese Maple Rooted Cuttings and Seedlings for Bonsai

Choosing the Best Maple for Your Location

Information to help you choose the perfect tree for colder climates, hot dry climates, hot humid climates and wet climates.

Growing Japanese Maples in Hard Water Areas

There are a few amendments to soil and water to be successful growing in hard water areas.

Planting and Cultural Information for Japanese Maples

How We Ship

Our shipping methods and schedules as well as our shipping charges.

Planting Directions for Containers

Japanese Maples are very well suited to growing in containers. This article includes information on soil, containers, watering, and plant care.

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